Why Go to the New York Boat Show

Why Go to the Progressive® Insurance New York Boat Show

By Brian Souders, Progressive New York Boat Show

You’ve seen the billboards and ads across town and on your phone. You may have even caught yourself singing along with the “Come on Down to the Boat Show!” jingle watching SportsCenter.  

If you still haven’t decided to join us at the Progressive New York Boat Show, Jan. 22-26, well, here are six reasons why you should “Come on down to the boat show…”

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Check out amazing boats
If you love getting on the water, the New York Boat Show is just heaven. We have more than 330 boats on display, of almost every type and brand. We’re talking luxury cabin cruisers, ripping wake boats, even stand-up paddleboards. It’s fun to see all the cool innovations and eye-popping designs, all under one roof. Here’s the list of all the boat brands you can see at the show.

Shop for a boat
Unlike auto and most powersports shows, you can actually buy boats right at the event, from a sporty new runabout to a kayak. Our show is particularly great if you’re in the market for a new boat because you can shop several dealers and several boat types/brands in one place. Plus, boat and engine manufacturers often offer incentives in order to book sales well before the high season. Here are some more specific tips on shopping/buying at the show

Get accessorized
Boat shows are also great places to find the latest gear to upgrade your current watercraft. More than 100 vendors offer accessories or lifestyle items to enhance your time on the water: personal flotation devices, marine electronics, custom paint, lighting, fishing tackle and more. If it’s for your boat, someone’s likely selling it. Browse all accessory vendors here.

why go to show imageBook a dream trip
Among all the boats and boat stuff are some great resorts and outfitters ready to take you on the best trip of your life, say a Caribbean catamaran cruise or Canadian Muskie fishing trip.

It gets the kids out of the house!
At this time of year, we all want to get out of the house with family so we make the New York Boat Show a great time for kids. Kids love exploring all the different kinds of boats, of course (be sure to keep them close to keep them safe). But you’ll find other kids activities, such as the Buid-a-Boat craft! Full list of kids activities is here.

Cure your Winter Blues!
Finally, the Progressive New York Boat Show is a great event for getting together with your boating friends now that the hectic holidays are over. You can meet at the show after work, grab a drink and some food and relive some great stories from last summer, or plan this season’s outings. Especially check out the “Super Thursday” event on the 23rd, with special food, drinks, and even exhibitor discounts.

We hope to see you at the show! Buy your ticket here.why go to show image