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Statement Regarding Swampmaster Show
We have received several calls today expressing concern regarding the Swampmaster Gator Show that is planned as part of the New York Boat Show this year. We want to assure attendees and enthusiasts that the alligators are not harmed as part of the Swampmaster Show, which is first and foremost an educational show. All alligators used in the show were trapped and sentenced to death by the state of Florida. The professional handler who presents the Swampmaster Show removes them from this environment, works with them for five days, then brings them to a no-kill pond on an alligator sanctuary to live out their lives in a natural habitat.
All licenses associated with presenting the Swampmaster Show have been filed with the Fish & Wildlife Division of the Department of Environmental Conservation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Sarah Ryser at
Contact: Sarah Ryser